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Dezember 19, 2008

… from japan: sitze grad im flughafen und wart auf das boarding.

cheers stefan


starcraft report, cont’d

Dezember 5, 2008

nun um den starcraft report endlich zu seinem verdienten ende zu fuehren: 

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mein neues baby….

Oktober 23, 2008

als es noch ungeboren war:


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August 6, 2008

also dann muss ich mal den gestrigen tag zusammenfassen…

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promoting what is worth promotion..

Juli 29, 2008

hey guys.. nothing really happened during the last few days.. i don’t even have anything to tell you about the weekend.. however.. i was really busy the last few days getting my software running for labeling laughter in natural dialogs. seems to work somehow actually.. however it needs some postprocessing at the moment to prune it. furthermore.. i now switched from a mainly-romaji written japanese textbook to a fully hiragana, katakana, kanji one. fortunately the kanji are equipped with hiragana translation, which makes it easier to read since some kanjis have like seven different possibilities to read them.. awesome!

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wow.. where did that come from?

Juli 24, 2008

i seriously can’t tell you why, but nonetheless we had the busiest day on the blog yesterday:

furthermore, i didn’t really have something to tell yesterday. today nothing again 😦 i am sorry…

oh except, that i will go to the ATR BBBQ, the extra B stands for beer.. what else?!

some more news for the people interested in my schedule after the jump…

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Juli 23, 2008