promoting what is worth promotion..

Juli 29, 2008

hey guys.. nothing really happened during the last few days.. i don’t even have anything to tell you about the weekend.. however.. i was really busy the last few days getting my software running for labeling laughter in natural dialogs. seems to work somehow actually.. however it needs some postprocessing at the moment to prune it. furthermore.. i now switched from a mainly-romaji written japanese textbook to a fully hiragana, katakana, kanji one. fortunately the kanji are equipped with hiragana translation, which makes it easier to read since some kanjis have like seven different possibilities to read them.. awesome!

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wow.. where did that come from?

Juli 24, 2008

i seriously can’t tell you why, but nonetheless we had the busiest day on the blog yesterday:

furthermore, i didn’t really have something to tell yesterday. today nothing again 😦 i am sorry…

oh except, that i will go to the ATR BBBQ, the extra B stands for beer.. what else?!

some more news for the people interested in my schedule after the jump…

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my first paper…

Juli 23, 2008

with a japanese title = awesome!

most important is: 盛り上がり moriagari… meaning the „height of a discourse“ so we got the bullet word: engagement. i would say that earned another: awesome!

please also note my name: ステファン シェラー (su te fa n, she ra -) and nick’s name: ニック キャンベル (ni kku, kya n be ru).. yes you guessed right: awesome!

this is the abstract that has been sent to the acoustical society meeting of japan in fukuoka in the middle of september. the paper itself won’t be displayed here before it is actually already published 😉

so.. mum and dad, you see now?! i actually get stuff done 😉

have a nice day


Juli 11, 2008

hey guys ..

sorry for being such a lazy bastard the last few days.. but basically i didn’t do much anyway. except for yesterday.. i went to the german stammtisch again. and met a few other germans. it seems that i cannot get rid of these folks 😉 ah.. just kidding. i like you anyway!

additionally things are getting more and more difficult and deadlines are approaching.. difficulties are mainly caused due to hardware failures.. my little white computer gave up, but, call me MACguyver, repaired it! with a piece of rubber! AWESOME 😉

this weekend i will be going to nagoya as said. so i may not be able to keep you up to date! but blog entries will follow.

so.. have fun!

and enjoy yourself!

living in japan: office edition

Juni 25, 2008

my desk

yeah.. this is my desk in the office. you can see that even though i have been here for only two weeks now the chaos‘ force to maximal entropy me drove me into letting it look like my desk in ulm. but maybe i just allowed myself to fit into the surrounding landscape like a chameleon, because if you look at the other pictures my desk doesn’t look that messy after all…

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work in progress..

Juni 18, 2008

nick and i just submitted our first proposal for collaborative work called: „laughter detection for measuring discourse engagement“. the work will be discussed and presented as ongoing work at the fall meeting of the acoustical society of japan in fukuoka in the middle of september. looking forward to that… but i don’t know how far the work in progress will be until then 😉 probably a lot of questions that arise until then.


ps: that was just a proof of me actually working.. sometimes

arbeit arbeit… engagement

Juni 12, 2008

heut hab ich mal nen fleissigen tag vor mir… grad mit nick ueber unsere gemeinsame arbeit geredet und gluecklicherweise sind wir uns da ziemlich einig was toll waere.

so fuer die leute die es interessiert (die anderen -> einfach ueberspringen):

nick hat letztes jahr 4-5 leute gleichzeitig in einer bueroatmosphaere aufgenommen. die idee ist nun aus diesen daten (360-video und audio) auf momente im dialog zu schliessen in denen es „engagement“ gibt. engagement soll heissen ob der dialog lebendig ist oder nicht ob es zustimmung unter den gespraechspartnern etc. gibt oder widerspruch. man koennte sich also dieses engagement auf einer skala von -1 bis 1 vorstellen mit positivem und negativem engagement. duerfte eine ziemlich interessante geschichte werden, da es mein themengebiet von der diss auf soziale bzw unter gespraechspartnern geteilte emotionen lenkt. ich denke, dass dieser ansatz sehr interessant ist und man da schon was erreichen kann das in richtung usability anwendungen geht. ausserdem werde ich heute abend einen talk im NiCT halten und bin schon ziemlich gespannt wie das wohl wird. hoffentlich bin ich nicht allzu aufgeregt. 😉

sonstige neuigkeiten gibt es kaum, … 😉

gruss ste