cosplay and art..?!

Juli 20, 2008

say hello to ian!

no i am kidding.. let’s have a look at the cosplaying…

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one of my new best friends…

Juni 30, 2008

i never played him a lot in the past but i think i definitively going to change this, since he looks so cute and adorable! only downturn is, that i thought sonic is really fast. but this is simply not true. either he got fat over the years or he uses a double for the dangerous stunts.


one more foto after the jump

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Cosplay: Cindarella?!

Juni 30, 2008


picture taken in america mura in the center of osaka. very close to the most important shrine in osaka.. the apple flagship store

1, 2, 3, … hm one is still missing

Juni 28, 2008

so i went to osaka den den town, AGAIN with a bunch of americans.. yeah couldn’t resist to see their reactions.. they were pretty freaked out, that there was hardly anything they remember from their childhood. no halo, no xbox stuff… hm where did it all go? to america.. yeah and they punished me in the end telling me that the BBQ next friday is going to be a 4th of july party … sucks 😉


so what happened.. oh i am taking too much away from tomorrows story.. to get back to the strange title.. it is about counting friends. i found three old/not so old companions. presenting number one:


It’s a meeee MARIO!

yes as you can see i have already a bunch of charms on my awesome keitai! GET-O!!!!!!!

more after the jump…

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Excursion: The WOW issue!

Juni 16, 2008

DenDen – Town, Osaka


oh my god! i have fallen in love! osaka is just the place to be. on saturday afternoon i took the train from takanohara to saidaiji and there i switched to the rapid express to namba, osaka. the trip to nipponbashi took me roughly 30 minutes (which i consider great for a mere 45 km). i got of in osaka (close to the minami center, meaning south center). i went south on the street which name i forgot something with s. however… this street is the direct way to denden town being the akihabara of osaka. one 7-9 story after the other filled with electronics and videos and games and software and what the hell else… i was in heaven however it was horribly cold.. 30 degrees outside inside at most 19 due to heavy air conditioning. nonetheless great fun to walk through a market like atmosphere of screaming people and bargaining customers (this is actually the only place in kansai where bargaining is a must.. however i was not able to do it so i paid the full price for everything which is cheap for us euro-people anyway). i bought 2 extra controllers for the wii including nunchucks and a classic controller. so dschinges look out for this package 🙂 did i tell you that i also bought super smash brothers X in japanese.. shouldn’t be too difficult to play that without knowing japanese.. so i can check that game and the controllers off my list. wiifit, and guitar hero still remaining.

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cosplay, super mario kids edition

April 11, 2008


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